Our storage in Houston

We moved our business down to Texas a while ago. When I think about it, I think it’s close to a year now. A year down south, with nothing ahead of us but challenges and growth. I say growth and hope that it’s true. I say challenges and know it for a fact. It is hard to run a business and especially when you move it. It was just more convenient this way. Not only do we have most of our customers here. A lot of people in the company are also from the area.

Anyways, I was going to write about storage in Houston today. Or rather: How we struggled with finding good storage for our stuff in Houston. Have you ever done this? Have you ever moved a business, having to rebuild a lot of the logistics in the company. I mean, could have been storage or something else in Houston or somewhere else. If anyone has the same experience, please let me know!

So, why that hard? Well, for starters we never really thought about these things. Back in Boston we had a local company doing this for us. They were the ones coming up with agreements with delivery companies and stuff. We had no storage in Houston. We had none, but we really needed it to run smoothly. It was a bit of a pickle, so say the least.

I got the task to find storage in Houston. Me, the person who has come up with all of the graphics stuff. They who take care of all communications work and who tried to create good opportunities for every employee. I got to take care of finding good storage in Houston. 

Do you know what? This whole process made me sick. Not that I’m more sensitive towards storage in Houston for some reason. No, but because I am sensitive in general. It is disastrous for me to think that the whole situation could screw up because of me. That we will have no storage in Houston, because of me. That has not been the case, but it’s something I don’t even dare to think about. Almost, at least.

Well, eventually, I found a company in Houston that we trusted with our storage needs. They have been doing a great job ever since. I’m very happy about that.

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